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Temps are up again today. It looks like there may be a drop towards the end of this week but not enough to have the track ready. The Pitcher crew has told us they will be pushing frost in the ground every chance they get and will start making ice as soon as possible. The December up and down weather simply has not allowed it to happen. For now we just have to be patient until the conditions improve. Winter will come! It always does. In the past it has not been out of the ordinary for early January races to be rescheduled. We still have 5 races dates on the roster and I bet the second half of January and February finds us enjoying time at the race track.



WELL WE TRIED… It seemed the last couple years we experienced a cold snap in the second half of December so we thought we would shoot for a late December race this year hoping to get a jump on the season.  Today if you look out the window it is pretty obvious Mother Nature is going to keep us waiting a little longer.  Forecast ed temps for the next week are not expected to dip low enough to establish a good track.  The Pitcher crew has told us if we experience a cold snap they will crank up the ice making equipment and jump on it and maybe we will be able to race in early January.  For now all we can do is wait and see.


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