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2023 race schedule

January 21

January 28 – Stud Boy Cup

February 4 – make up date

February 11

February 18 – BEVRA Cup

February 25 – Super Mod Nationals

March 4 – make up date


Cup race dates are tentative based on predicted ice conditions.  We will have a JPEG formatted flyer with the 2023 schedule up soon so you can easily pass it around.

2023 SM event!

The 2023 season is closing in!  We have a lot on the BEVRA agenda for this race season but perhaps the biggest news is the running of the 2023 Super Mods!  Feb 25 will host the best of the best In 440 Super Mod racing.  What a great way to wrap up a big season of ice racing.  More details will follow!!!


2023 race track

Here is a sneak preview of the 2023 season race track. The Pitcher Pit has gobbled up a chunk of the field on the east side. The blue line shows where the top soil has been pulled back and represents the current boundary of the gravel pit. We had a choice to make. Either move the track down into the pit or find more room in the field. We measured both options and for this year we stayed up top. The pit track laid out a little smaller than last year. This new field lay out actually added about 75ft to the straights. We will stage and start in the same location as before and enter the track from the infield. Spectating will be from the infield as well and the finish line will be on the north straight. We will have to man a crossing at turn three but some good communication along with a snow fence and a gate will ensure safety. The only inconvenience is pit parking will be a little farther away from the action but we hope to have everything iced as always so racers will be able to ride their sleds to and from the track. We are excited for the 2023 season. There is a lot on the agenda. Praying for cold temps and HOT chocolate!!! It’s time to wash the dust off the ice sleds and get em ready. The ice season is heating up!!!