February 2nd Race is on!

Make up Race is on for Saturday February 2nd! Also a reminder that this weekend we are going to be racing the Stud Boy Cup Race. Class that is involved is Super Stock 340 F/A. Stud Boy has donated $500 in gift cards for the class! Registration is open for this weekend. The more everyone is able to Register online the faster we can get out racing. The schedule for the weekend is as follows. 7-9 Registration (registration is closed at 9) 8-9 Tech 9-10 hot laps. 10:15 Drivers meeting 10:45 Racing!

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  1. Dan Wood

    still cant find where the races are hellp.would like to race/watch if i knew where

    1. Jonathan Butler

      11727 Satterlee Rd. lakeview mi

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