“RACE ON” for February 16!!!

The Pitcher crew has the track looking great and the weather is looking good also!  We will run some limited hot laps early for those that need it and hopefully be racing by 10:30-11:00am.  Track sign up will close at 9:00am.  Online registration is currently open and waiting for your entries!  Please sign up online if you can.  It saves a lot of time on race morning.  Please remember… one login account for every member which locks in one number for every member.  This is the only way we know who is on what sled when you are on the track.  Please don’t sign others under your name and number.  You can sign a sled up for multiple classes but you have to go through the sign up process one time for each different sled.  Hit submit one time and wait… It takes a few second to process.  Looking forward to another great BEVRA race day and looking forward to seeing everyone there!!!


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