The membership meeting yielded some changes for the upcoming 2020 season.  The biggest change for next year is an increase in class prices.  Some of the factors influencing this were as follows:

Added costs and a decrease in income:

  • Card stripe transactions charge 1.5% reducing income by that much.  Every $15 class was actually bringing in about $13.50 and less as the entry fees increased with multiple classes.
  • Last year we used a donation can for the broom.  This year BEVRA would like to pay a set price for the service to even the cost to everyone.
  • Class prices were reduced from $20 to a flat $15 a few years back having some income effect.
  • Bevra has been forced to pay $150-$200 every week for reliable corner workers and rescue buggy help
  • We had a good year this year but it is not always like this.  It takes a full season.  Typically getting ahead doesn’t happen until after three races and sometime we only get three in.
  • BEVRA would like to be able to give back generously with nice items like the champion jackets rather than cutting corners and being forced to minimize things to stay within budget.

Cover unexpected cost:

  • Water pump replacement
  • New transmission in the water truck
  • Website updates/maintenance/changes

BEVRA would also like to occasionally have it in the budget to make considered improvements:

  • Help with improvements to the press box, add electric, enclose the bottom section for storage, improvements to accommodate a new sound system…
  • Consider a digital display of classes at the track
  • Track lighting/bleachers ect…

All of the above influenced the decision to raise class prices beginning in the 2020 season.  The annual membership will remain at $40 per year.  The 120 class will be reduced to $5 per entry.  All non-payout classes will increase to $20 per class and all payout classes will increase to $40 per class.  The board struggled with this decision because we like to pride ourselves as being one of the cheapest clubs in the state but considering all the above stated factors it was decided this was a necessary evil.  Generally these prices are still less than other clubs.

More exciting decisions were also made:

Pre 96 340cc fan cooled IFS models are now welcome to race in the current lineup.  These 340 fan sleds will follow the same rules as the larger CC Super Stock IFS sleds and must be 1995 or older OEM mass produced models.  For starters as a trial run they will be fit into our current progression based sign up roster starting at the Masters SS 340 fan level and will follow the typical bump classes up in performance.  They will also be allowed to be raced at the junior level in a new Jr novice Super Stock 340 IFS fan class. This new class will be considered a step above the current Jr classes and can be used as a bump class for more ice time for the Jrs.  There will be more to come on these models as the summer comes and goes. 

BEVRA will introduce a new Super Stock IFS 580 (or maybe even 600cc) liquid cooled class.  The F-500 that is currently running in the SS IFS 540 LC class will move out of 540 and up to this new class.

The class we have been referring to as the “stock body” class is still offered but will be renamed Sportsman/FIII/F-500 to match other popular classes that are offered at other clubs around the state.  This is pretty much what the class was built around originally.  Sportsman, FIII, and F-500 sleds will follow ISR rules. Current BEVRA Super Stock sleds will be allowed to bump to this class as they have in the past.

Super Mod IFS/Limited 500 has been changed back to a payout class.  This class will still allow Sportsman/FIII/F-500 and Super Stock IFS models as a bump.  

BEVRA would like to welcome three new board members!!! 

Rocci Veldman is Bill Kerkstra’s  fiancé.  Due to a new work schedule she will now be available to help at the track with Apparel sales and is going to take over all the behind the scenes trophy and awards ordering and organizing.  This can be a big job at times and will be a lot of help to the board members especially on race day. 

Leslie Wheeler has been helping us this past season with scoring and she works in the embroidery/garment industry and will be a great new asset for some fresh BEVRA apparel which we have already had a small taste of at the banquet.

Maxi is Back!!!  Max Fahling came to us and asked if we would welcome his help.  WELL DUH!!!  He was quickly nominated and approved and is once again a welcome board member.  His insight and wisdom in the sport as well as his abilities at the track and every aspect are an exciting thing to have back!

Welcome aboard new team members!!!

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