THANK YOU for a great spring banquet!

A big THANK YOU to everyone all who showed and helped to make the spring awards banquet a success and a great time.

A few items were discussed and voted on by the membership before the awards were given out.  We would like to pass that information on.

We covered board member assignments:

  • John Butler Jr. – President, Money and Development management
  • Bill Kerkstra – Vice president, Operations/Website
  • John Butler Sr. – Treasurer/Finance
  • Max Fahling – Race Director
  • Mike Kerkstra – Tech Director
  • Tim Hutchinson – Tech
  • Dave Chappell – Tech
  • Scott Hassevoort – Tech
  • Mark Pitcher – Grounds
  • Alex Manga – Sponsor promotions/Junior programs
  • Greg Mckenna – Delegate
  • Brian Mckenna – Delegate
  • Rocci Kerkstra – Scoring/Apparel
  • Leslie – Wheeler – Scoring/Apparel
  • Dan Kerkstra – Scoring

We asked if anyone would be interested in helping with trophies and awards.  Involves ordering and presenting.  No interest yet.  If anyone would like to help in this are please contact Bill Kerkstra.

We covered race numbers again, You have all summer to improve on this:

  • Large size and contracting colors
  • Easy to say numbers for the sake of the score caller
  • Design easy change systems in the case of sled swapping
  • Sled number must always match driver number

New purchase ideas:

  • BEVRA is hoping to have a sled scale at the track for the 2022 season to aid in tech.
  • Bevra is hoping to have video play back of the finish line and track for the 2022 season.
  • 300 Enticers covered in our Jr program discussion.

We covered a few basic rule items as a reminder:

  • Stock class rules – What you can change, internal mods, Any OEM for the brand secondary, Brake upgrades. Everything else must be stock OEM.
  • Super Stock IFS differences from leafers, .040 maximum over bore, 121×15 tracks only, gas shocks allowed, Yamaha can run square slide carbs.

F-440 stock IFS class will be offered for the 2022 season:

  • These sleds will also be allowed to compete in our current IFS program.
  • This class will be held to strict tech and weight requirements.
  • After discussion it was decided by vote that BEVRA will allow the 97-98 MXZ 440 fan to compete in F-440 as well. A reminder that this sled is model allowance applies to BEVRA only and there is no guarantee it will be allowed at other venues.  This will be a two year trial and then be revisited.  Take note that if this model does not compete evenly it could be voted out when revisited.

Junior Novice classes… BEVRA Junior program:

  • BEVRA will offer two Stock class 300cc Yamaha Enticers for new juniors to use next season.
  • BEVRA is still interested to buy a reasonable 120 class sled to offer as well.
  • After discussion and vote it was decided that BEVRA will allow the Junior age limit up to 16-17 years of age to new junior racers with no previous experience. Board discretion will be considered and Juniors above the age of 14 will be held to a 2 wins and out criteria.

It was a great banquet.  Class champions received sweet custom embroidered jackets and gear bags, runner ups received attractive embroidered hats, special awards were given, Sponsors loaded the joint with goodies for raffle and as always BEVRA gave $10 towards members dinner.

It was good to see everyone again!



Bob Lockhart

  • Super Stock 440 fan
  • Super Stock 440 FA
  • Super Stock 440 LC

Spencer Hassevoort

  • Super Stock IFS 540 LC
  • Mod Stock 440
  • Super Mod 440

Haven Bouverette

  • Mod Stock 340
  • Limited 500/Super Mod IFS
  • Pro Mod 340

Khloe Siler

  • Jr novice stock 300 fan
  • Jr Novice SS 300 FA/340 fan

Tucker Haven

  • Jr Novice SS IFS 380 fan
  • Super Stock 300 FA/LC

John Proctor

  • Super Stock IFS 583 LC/F-500
  • F-500/Sportsman/F-III

James Vonberg

  • Super Stock 340 FA
  • Super Stock 340 LC

Mike Kerkstra

  • Super Stock Open.
  • Super Stock IFS 470 LC

Rocky Bouverette

  • Super Mod 340

Derek Michael

  • Barnstorming Relics

Jeff Smith

  • Stock 340 fan
  • Stock 340 FA/LC

Rock Wilson

  • Stock 440 fan

Matt Nienhuis

  • Stock 440 FA/LC

Chris Young

  • Post 75

Nathan Baker

  • Super Stock 300 fan

Rich Lockhart

  • Super Stock 340 fan/250FA

Greg Bailey

  • Masters SS 340 LC/SS IFS 380 fan

Angel Ahern

  • Women’s Super Stock 440 fan

Dave Gelderloose

  • Masters Super Stock Open

Tim Hutchinson

  • Super Stock IFS 540 fan

Dan Smith

  • Pro Mod 440



  1. RICH LOCKHART – 161
  2. BOB LOCKHART – 140
  3. CHRIS YOUNG – 111


Cone head award – Spencer Hassevoort.

Best crash – Greg Bailey

Most improved – Dominic Delgato

Rookie of the Year – Riley Frisbe

Sportsmanship – Derek Michael