bevravintage.com will be the new go to site for all the latest and current racing information.
This new site is mobile friendly and features online membership/login sign up and pre race sign up. Home page with current updates, Race schedule as it compiles, Running order, Forum, Rules and more. The site could not calculate the old $10 bump classes so going forward all classes are an even $15. Payout classes Are $30.
Those of you who have already registered for the 2018 membership via paper and check are entered and registered within the new site as paid users. Your user name is your name and the password is Password123! After you log in please review and make sure all the information is correct and change your username if you like and also change your password. A few of you did not give an email address on the old paper form which is a required field for online registration. We used a generic email to set you up. Please edit this and give a valid email address. Without an email address you can’t get emailed receipts. Your Race numbers are entered and secure.
If you have not signed up for yearly membership you can do it on the new site any time. This also creates your site login as a paid user. Numbers are given out on a first come basis and if the number you choose has been taken it will ask you to choose another.
Registration sign up is the only thing that uses the shopping cart. You will not see classes that you signed up for in the cart. A separate transaction process was needed to make the class compilation feature work so classes and memberships are charged in different ways.
Anyone can view the website but only paid users (members) can sign up for classes.
To sign up for classes on the new site:
1 – Go to “sign up” under “races” in the drop down menu.
2 – Enter your name, number and sled info and choose all the classes you wish to race ONLY that sled in. Be sure you select the correct classes for that model because you are able to select classes it is not legal to race in.
3 – Enter your card info or choose Pay Pal at the bottom of the page and then hit next to go to the review page.
4 – Double check that your selections are correct and that the dollar amount is correct. This is your last chance to go back and make changes if needed.
5 – Hit submit/pay… all done! If you look through the race schedule you should see your name and sled in the classes you signed up for.
EVERYONE! Please help us by looking through your classes at the OTHER sled entries and make sure all models are signing up for the correct classes. Please let us know if you see something that doesn’t look right.
If you want to sign up a second sled go through the same process again. One money transaction is charged for each sled entered and an email confirmation is sent to you as a receipt.
Classes, running order, and race schedule is also displayed in the site for help in choosing where you want to race. Please refer to the earlier posting here on FB for more details on this.
There is a class sign up deadline which will be set for race day morning and then it has to be reset to sign up for the next race. Sort of a sign up “open” or “Closed” feature. This will typically be open but if you try to sign up for the next weekend on a Sunday after the previous race you may run into the sign up page still being closed.

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