We are racing again this weekend. Temps are supposed to climb the second half of Friday and expected to possibly touch 40 on Saturday but we had a great race day last weekend and the track was left in good shape. The Pitcher crew was putting water down before we pulled out last Saturday and the majority of the track has over 16” of ice. In an effort save the track for another round next week we are planning on running 3 or 4 lap finals only. No heat races this week. Hot laps will only be offered to first timers and those that need them for safety reasons. TRACK SIGN UP WILL CLOSE AT 9:00am SHARP! Doors will close and we will not be able to make any changes after. Please sign up online if you can!!! The Super Stock Open BEVRA Cup race is also happening this weekend. We will run the BEVRA Cup heat elimination races first thing and will probably run the Cup race after the first plow break while the ice is still fresh. We are looking forward to another fun day of racing! We hope to see ya there!